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How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow


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 We all have celebrities that have features we admire and any hints and tips we get from them are seen as gold dust and a way we can improve our own self-image. Because of this there have been many products on the market that are endorsed by celebrities including fake eyelashes. When we look around and find Kim Kardashian eyelashes, Beyonce eyelashes and Jennifer Lopez eyelashes we all hope that we can emulate their look too! Although they can be temporarily effective for the odd night out, applying fake eyelashes can cause skin sensitivity and allergy when used on a regular basis. If you wonder why Lady Gaga eyelashes never make her eyelids sore as they do yours, then the answer lies ahead.

how to make your eyelashes grow

Female Celebrities that’s using idol lash

The reason Miley Cyrus eyelashes can always look great without irritation is because she, alongside many stars is not using the Miley Cyrus endorsed brand. Instead they use a product called Idol lash. Instead of looking for Nicki Minaj eyelashes or Selena Gomez eyelashes to enhance your look, you could be enhancing your own naturally. Idol lash has been shown to increase the density, length and even darken eyelashes gently. Demi Lovato eyelashes and Taylor Swift eyelashes have to be adhered to your skin and at bedtime you go back to having the same eyelashes you woke with the previous morning. Idol lash is a serum with many natural ingredients that can even be used on people that have sensitive eyes.

how to make your eyelashes grow

kerry washington

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Rather than having to stick on lady gaga eyelashes  or Nicki Minaj eyelashes you could wake up each day to your very own. The Idol lash serum only has to be applied once a day so you could have star worthy eyelashes of your own in as little as two weeks! Kim Kardashian eyelashes were not god given; they were achieved with a little help from this product the stars want to keep for themselves. Of course they want to look better than their adoring fans; it’s what keep products such as Rihanna eyelashes on the market.

how to make your eyelashes grow

angelina jolie

You know how great you feel when you have applied your Taylor Swift eyelashes with a coat of liquid eyeliner? You could have that feeling every single morning before you even reach your beauty box. The results won’t disappear down the plug hole with the rest of your make up and you won’t find them stuck to your pillow, or more embarrassingly someone else.

how to make your eyelashes grow

Actress Daisy Ridley

Now the secret is out, you can put your Nicki Minaj eyelashes back in your box of beauty products and instead swap them for a product that really works and is really you! Taylor Swift eyelashes and Miley Cyrus eyelashes have to be applied with a steady hand, but your real eyelashes after being treated with Idol lash can look beautiful no matter the time of night or day. Even under heavy lights there is no glue to get hot and sticky and no moments of noticing that your Jennifer Lopez eyelashes are not where they should be. Be natural and proud of your own thick long lashes. There’s nothing more beautiful than natural you!

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